Safety Policy

Dam Helicopters Inc’s Safety Policy applies to all personnel and to all aspects of the company’s activities. It is Dam Helicopters Inc’s policy to apply a Safety Management Systems approach in order to prevent accidents, to eliminate damage to equipment and property, to eliminate injury to personnel, and to work diligently towards reducing safety incidents and hazards. External suppliers are expected to demonstrate equivalent levels of Safety Management.

It is Dam Helicopters Inc’s policy to identify and comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety in the workplace. Dam Helicopters Inc. supports best aviation industry practices regarding safety and intends to provide all employees with a safe and healthy working environment. Safety is a key factor in all of the company’s decision-making processes. The Accountable Executive for Dam Helicopters Inc. is Duncan Wassick, President . He is responsible for managing all aspects of Dam Helicopters Inc’s Safety Management System and accepts ultimate responsibility for safety at Dam Helicopters Inc.  All employees are required to take preventative safety action, and to immediately inform the Accountable Executive if they are aware of any immediate safety threat to themselves or others. All employees are required to report accidents, incidents or safety hazards in accordance with the company’s reporting procedures. No disciplinary action shall be taken against any employee who acts to prevent an injury or who reports any accident, incident or hazard. All employees are required to adopt the standards and procedures set forth in the Safety Management Program. Failure to comply with this safety policy by any employee at any level will result in disciplinary action.