Environmental Responsibility Policy

Dam Helicopters environmental priority is to achieve the long-term goal of no net incremental environmental impact. We recognize that our helicopter causes positive and negative impacts on the environment and on those with whom we share public resource Where negative impacts cannot be avoided, we will work to mitigate or offset them enhance affected habitat and sustain resources over the long term.

Specifically, Dam Helicopters will:

• meet environmental requirements defined by legislation. regulation, government directives and other environmental requirements to which Dam Helicopters subscribes;
• perform beyond environmental requirements where it makes sound business sense;
• work to reduce historic impacts by habitat development and/or improvement:
• better understand the effects of our business as a means to meet our long-term environmental goal and continually improve our environmental performance:
• develop and foster an fossil fuel energy conservation culture in B.C. that leads customers to make a dramatic and permanent reduction in fossil fuel consumption.
• work cooperatively with First Nations on resource use, management and conservation to increase public benefits from affected resources; • publicly report on our environmental performance.
• Dam Helicopters operates a recycling program aimed at recycling all applicable products. We also have a program geared towards aviation which includes reusing rags and using non-toxic products whenever possible.
• Dam helicopters encourages employee car pooling whenever possible.
• Dam helicopters has an anti-idling policy for all company vehicles.
• Dam helicopters will meet or exceed the requirements of our customers environmental policies